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I haven’t been going to my usual Yoga class for a few months now as the classes are on the same day as my Waka Ama training at the moment.   I am hoping that when winter comes, and darkness descends earlier that the Waka Ama sessions will be earlier which will allow me to do both.

Recently I have been missing the emotional calming element of Yoga and decided I needed to find other ways to bring Yoga back into my routine. I have started exploring online Yoga offerings. Online yoga is not my “perfect” yoga experience but if I have to choose no yoga or imperfect yoga, I will choose imperfect every time.


Pros of Online Yoga

  • you can do it anywhere and anytime
  • affordable or free
  • wide variety of options available
  • you can choose a style of class that is best for you each time
  • you can choose any length of workout ranging from 10 minutes to 90 minutes
  • you can do it with kids at home



Cons of Online Yoga

  • harder to stay accountable if you don’t have to show up to a class
  • you don’t receive any guidance or correction during your practice
  • you don’t experience the energy created among other participants during a class
  • you may be disrupted
  • you may not challenge and extend yourself in the same way


Online Yoga sites include:



Yoga with Adriene

Sara Beth Yoga

Do Yoga with Me


Some are free and some are fee based. Fee based options have lots of different instructors in one online place, wide variety of class styles and options. Most sites offer you 15 day free trial so you can explore.

I don’t think one is better than another, just different … explore and see what works best for you.


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