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Why would we leave Waiheke Island?



These school holidays we headed away for a few days to spend some time by some stunning beaches. Everyone we met said to us “You live on Waiheke Island, why on earth would you leave and come here for your holiday?”




It is true, we live on an island with no shortage of gorgeous beaches to play on. So why would we leave?

Because “home” is also where the list of jobs to do are. As a family of 5 the lists of things that need doing never actually go away and my husband, in particular, finds it hard to relax when there are things to be done.

I really felt like we needed some quality family time together and so I organised for us to spend 3 nights away together and it was magic. No TV, no devices, no lists of jobs.

Instead our days were filled from breakfast to bedtime with fun adventures. We walked, we swam and played frisbee on the beach. We kayaked, fished and dug water channels in the sand. We read books, played card games and Yahtzee.




I really noticed how happy everyone was just being together, playing, creating. We would return from our morning adventure and the kids would already be asking when we could start the next adventure. At home they would be trying to negotiate access to TV our devices. I noticed there was less fighting and niggling. I noticed how full my heart felt for these few days.




Holidays don’t need to be fancy to be wonderful. They don’t need to be long to be worthwhile. We were only gone 3 nights and we stayed in a very basic little holiday apartment but it was everything we needed.


When did you last have a little family getaway? Perhaps it is time to organise one …



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