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Why I don’t run with music

Most friends I have that run, like to run with music. I totally get it because music can uplift you, distract you from how much your body hurts, and pump you up. Music can help you run further and faster.

I tried running with music a few times and it was fun … but I choose to run music free. This is why:


My world is filled with noise, mental clutter, lists, three kids … constantly busy, full, and did I mention … noisy! So when I run I like to enjoy the QUIET … there is nothing out there but me and my thoughts.

Sometimes my mind is busy, churning over worries or things to do, and running helps to slow the thoughts down.

Sometimes my mind floats along while I run, drifting gently from one thought to another with no grand purpose.

Sometime I chat to myself inside my mind about … whatever!

We live in a world filled with alerts, alarms, pings, likes, and shares … there are rarely times that we totally disconnect and allow our minds to be unoccupied. For me running is a time to be unoccupied, not contactable, switched off.  A time to have mental space.


This morning I had to take my kids to school and kindergarten by bus because my husband is off the island with our car. I then ran home as a way to easily fit in some exercise for the day. So all I took with my was my bus pass and a spare key – the phone was left at home.  The round trip to school and back took me 75 minutes and in that time my husband had tried to call twice. Although I am sure he was a little frustrated not to reach me I can assure you the world didn’t end because I was switched off for that time …


I know that sometimes my runs feel harder because I run without music.  Without a great tune to distract me I sometimes have to fight hard with my mind when it is resisting a run, or struggling to keep going. But I actually think this is good for me. Learning to overcome my mental battles out running strengthen my mental resilience for other situations … at least, that is how I feel about it.

Here is my face before a run when my mind is already fighting me!




Do you like to exercise with music or without?  What do you enjoy about that?


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