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We are moving to New Zealand!

I have exciting news to share … my family and I are moving to New Zealand at the end of this year!

There are many stories to be told about this move but here are the answers to the top 5 questions people ask me:

Where are we going?

We are moving to a place called Waiheke Island. It is a beautiful island in the middle of Auckland Harbour filled with beaches, bush tracks and vineyards. It is a 30 minute ferry ride from Auckland CBD but a feels a million miles away. You can read a bit more about it in this article I wrote for Expedia.


Why are we going?

Because we have had a dream for many years to live somewhere connected to water and bush, to live a slower paced life, and to raise our children somewhere that they have more freedom than in Sydney.

How big is the island?

I can’t tell you in terms of size but I know that around 9000 people live on the island permanently but there is a big tourism population in summer. There are 2 primary schools and 1 high school on the island.

Are you moving forever?

Yes … and no. Nothing is forever but we imagine being there a very long time.


What will you do there? 

Running an online business fits in perfectly with our move. I can still coach, blog and run online programs from there.

My husband will still be working for the same company he does now. He is moving to a new and wonderful role and will only need to work part-time which supports his vision of spending more time with the kids, paddling, fishing and generally being more relaxed and connected in the world … whilst still doing an awesome job for his organisation.



There is a lot for us to do in coming months. Our house has just been packed up to be put on a ship, we have a school year to finish and Christmas to plan for before we go. I am trying to savour all the moments along the way but confess time seems to be rushing by.

Stay tuned …. There are so many stories to tell…


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