Vivid Weekend in Sydney

Last weekend I zipped back to Sydney for a weekend of child-free fun with a close friend of mine – who was also able to wrangle being child-free for the weekend!

We delighted in the ability to do any thing, any time, just because we felt like it. We went to markets, ate LOTS of Asian food (because that is something I miss on Waiheke Island), took long walks, brunched with friends and went to some uber cool Sydney bars.


vivid weekend food



We also went to the city to see Vivid. Funnily enough I had never ventured in to see this festival when I lived in Sydney, it always felt too hard with three kids.





Vivid was awesome. But never again would I go on a weekend. The crowds in some sections were suffocating. I hated the feeling of being locked into a tide of bodies all trying to move in one direction but no space to actually walk freely. So if you ever go in future I would definitely suggest mid-week, especially with kids in tow.


I confess I regret not going to Vivid when I lived in Sydney now. I don’t think I appreciated just what an amazing event it is.


Have you been to Vivid? Did you take the kids?


Linda {RGB}

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  1. Good for you Linda! I’d love to know where you ate that amazing looking food! Agree re Vivid. We didn’t go at all this year due to the crowds and I remember being quite anxious when Max was small and unpredictable that we would lose him in the crush.

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