The thing about choices


Life is full of them. Every single day.

Sometimes choices can feel overwhelming or hard. Sometimes they can feel exciting, liberating.

Let me share a few thoughts about choices that will perhaps be of support to you as you navigate the choices you face today, tomorrow or many moons from now.


Nothing is set in stone.

Just because you make a choice doesn’t mean you have to choose that thing for ever. The beautiful thing about choices is that nothing is set in stone and you are always able to make new choices.


You can only make the best choice in the moment based on what you know in that moment.

Sometimes we can feel a pressure to make the “right” choice which in turn prevents us from making a choice at all. The fear that we could perhaps get it wrong paralyses us. Consider that there is no right or wrong choice to be made. We can simply make the best choice we can, in that moment, with whatever we know at the moment.


Remember … you can always make a new choice.

If your choice doesn’t work out the way you expected that doesn’t mean it was “wrong” or you “failed”

The outcome of our choices doesn’t always turn out the way we imagined it would. This doesn’t mean it was the wrong choice to have made. Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. If things don’t unfold the way you thought they would just remember … you can always make new choices.




What choice have you been resisting lately?

How could you use the thoughts above to support yourself in making a choice?

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