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The most important lesson from my injured back

Two and half weeks ago my lower back totally seized up … out of nowhere. In the space of a few hours I went from playing at the beach with my kids to being incapable of standing up from a chair without help.

The first few days were excruciating. I couldn’t do anything for myself … basic things like dressing myself, getting out of bed our going to the toilet all required another person with me.

I sought medical treatment as quickly as possible but I discovered that here, in our new home, of Waiheke Island it can be difficult to get appointments at short notice with people like physiotherapists or osteopaths.

I am a lot better now but still not 100% and I am very keen not to ever repeat this experience. The silver lining , however, has been learning this lesson:




  • My house wasn’t cleaned for 2 weeks. Gross but nobody died.
  • The ironing wasn’t done so kids went to school with ruffled clothes. They didn’t care.
  • My weekly #selfcaresunday email couldn’t be created. My community were very understanding.
  • I had to cancel a speaking engagement at a local networking event. This was really hard for me to actually do but I had no choice. The organiser was very understanding and will invite me back in a few months.
  • I didn’t do any work, answer emails or write any blog posts. When I resurfaced people who had been waiting to hear from me were very understanding.


As someone who fits a lot into life, every day, it was a very strange feeling to be unable to do anything.

Here is what I observed:

  • The world didn’t end because I wasn’t doing all those things.
  • I might have missed some opportunities but they will come again.
  • It is much easier to put your own self care first when in ‘crisis mode’ … but what if I could be that clear cut about it every day??

I am focusing on easing back into all my commitment. Some things, like three kids, are non negotiable … but the rest can wait.

Oh, and when I am back on track I am going to commit to doing this 5 minute core workout at least 3 times a week as part of my self care commitment.


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