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The Book of Love

Today is my wedding anniversary.

I have been married 11 years now. 11 years sounds like a long time which is odd because if I plan to be married for the rest of my life then 11 years is simply the blink of an eye.

It is Thursday today, the Thursday before the Easter weekend. 11 years ago the 24th March was also the Thursday before Easter. Just saying …

I am not big on tradition but the first year we were married I was inspired by the traditional gift of “paper” and started a journal called “The Book of Love”.


Book of love


I have committed that for each year we are married I will write an entry about our life and family for the year just passed. Partly it is a way to reflect on what we have experienced and accomplished during the year, partly a way of showing my love, and partly to create a record of our life that perhaps our children will sit down and read one day.


This year was a pretty special year to write an entry. Since we first married we had a dream of choosing a different kind of lives for ourselves. A life with less pressure, more time outdoors and a life that makes our soul sing every day. Over the years this dream began to take shape and we made a decision several years ago to move to Waiheke Island, New Zealand.  This year was the year we made it happen.


Falling in love is sweet but Staying in love is very special.

My dreams scribbled down before I got married … I still have that piece of paper.


It is early days in our life here and we are still finding our groove. But we are happy, calmer and more connected to the bush and sea.

I can’t wait to see what I write in the Book of Love next year …

May we have many years of love and happiness ahead xx


Linda {RGB}




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