#selfcaresunday – November 2016

The #selfcaresunday theme for November was ‘Colour Me Happy’.

My children have a lovely story book called ‘Colour Me Happy’ – it has been a favourite for years. It explores the way colour can reflect moods. This month we are going to explore how to add some extra colour in your world to help lift your spirits and #colourmehappy


Week 1 – #lippy

lippyI don’t wear makeup much and tend to play it safe with neutral lip gloss when I do. But every now and then I get brave and wear this Fuschia coloured lipstick. I always feel great and wonder why I don’t play with colour more often!

This week I invite you to change your routine and pop some colour on your lips that you don’t usually wear.


Week 2 – #nailpolish

nailpolishSummer is coming in my part of the world. I confess that one thing I love to do is paint my toenails … something bright and happy.

I never paint my fingernails as they are chipped within a day which is too much like hard work – ha ha.

This week I invite you to brighten up your day with some cool colour of nail polish


Week 3 – #flowerpower

rosesFresh flowers in my home always make me feel happy but since moving to Waiheke Island we really haven’t had many.

This week I am cutting flowers from our garden to lift my spirits – some bright red roses for my kitchen, lavender for the bathroom and my husband bright home some kind of long stemmed pink flower yesterday which has been placed in the bedroom/

This week I invite you to bring flowers into your home – buy a bunch, cut from your garden, perhaps you have a flower market nearby. Treat yourself, it really does feel nice.


Week 4 – #accessories

necklaceI have lots of great necklaces but rarely wear them.

Some were gifts & some I bought in my travels. They are a really simple of lifting my spirits and dressing up my day to day clothes.

This week I commit to using accessories every day – how about you?


Linda {RGB}



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