#selfcaresunday – May 2016

 #selfcaresunday has been created to inspire you to take 5 minutes each Sunday to care for yourself.  You can signup for the weekly emails HERE but I will also publish a month “review” blog post to ensure you can always find this inspiration again.

The #selfcaresunday theme for May was ‘Keep Moving’.

Week 1 – #fitnessonline

core picAs much as I love being outdoors, or at least out of the house when I exercise, this is not always possible. For example, this time next week my husband will be boarding a plane to USA and will be away for almost 2 weeks. In order to #keepmoving I will need to utilise more online support structures to help me #keepmoving.

Today I invite you to try out a new online fitness offer.

You might:

  • download this 5 Minute Core Workout
  • search Youtube for a fitness video
  • do a Yoga class on Yogaglo (they offer a free 15 day trial)
  • download a fitness app on your phone or ipad
  • dig out an old fitness DVD (or even VHS!!!) from the drawer and try it out again


Week 2 – #takeawalk

Boardwalks on Overland TrackI love walking as a way of clearing my head and energising my body without the intensity of going for a run.

With my husband overseas for 12 days I have treated myself today to a 3 hour visit from our babysitter. She is going to play with kids at home and I am going to #takeawalk.  I have picked a new track near home to explore, and I am hoping to have time for a coffee on the way home.

Today I invite you to #takeawalk

You might:

  • explore streets around your house you don’t normally go down
  • have a family trip to a park and let Dad be on duty for 15 minutes while you take a walk
  • walk barefoot on the beach
  • take on a new nature trail

If you live in Australia you might like to check out these blog posts about pram friendly walks in Sydney & Melbourne. I know we can’t always be child-free when we practice our #selfcaresunday


Week 3 – #dance

pretty-woman-in-field-820477_1280I love to dance but confess it doesn’t happen so often these days. It is such a liberating, joyful feeling though. This week I am committing to bringing a little more dance into my world – starting today …

Today I invite you to #dance

You might:

  • go to a local class … find out what is on
  • pump up the music at home and groove. I often do this when I am meant to be cooking or cleaning
  • wait until kids go to bed and invite your husband to dance in the loungeroom
  • if all else fails, get the kids involved and have your own dance party!


spinning-771470_1280Week 4 – #tryaclass

There are so many fun fitness/movement classes around these days but often they sit on our “one day” list. Yoga, Zumba. Pole Dancing, Burlesque, Trapeze and so many more.

Today I invite you to #tryaclass … or at least find a class for later in the week

You might:

  • drop into a new class at the gym today
  • phone a friend and commit together to going to something fun & new during the week
  • book & pay for a class you have on your “one day” list to keep accountable



Linda {RGB}

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