#selfcaresunday june

#selfcaresunday – June 2016

 #selfcaresunday has been created to inspire you to take 5 minutes each Sunday to care for yourself.  You can signup for the weekly emails HERE but I will also publish a month “review” blog post to ensure you can always find this inspiration again.

The #selfcaresunday theme for June was ‘Connection’.

Week 1 – #phoneafriend

phone a friendWith 3 young children I confess I find having quality phone conversations with friends and family a challenge. Instead of giving up on the idea though I simply adjust my expectations. I no longer wait for the “perfect time” I just call and see what happens! I am also a fan of grabbing sneaky child free moments to make a quick call.

Let go of worrying if it is a good time for the other person. Just call, say ‘hi’ … if they cant talk they will tell you … but at least they know you were thinking about them.

Today I invite you to #phoneafriend … even if you just get their voicemail

You might:

  • take 5 minutes in the supermarket carpark to phone a friend before heading home
  • text a friend and book in a long chat one night this week once kids are in bed
  • put on an episode of Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol or whatever is flavour of the month with your kids and use this time to call someone special

Week 2 – #notv

no tvHow many nights a week do you collapse on the couch after the kids are asleep and watch TV to unwind?

When my husband and I start feeling a little disconnected we make a point of scheduling a #notv date night every week. Basically the rules are #notv and no computers.

Tonight I invite you to have a #notv night … or at least schedule one in

You might:

  • play a game together – cards, scrabble etc
  • have a conversation that has nothing to do with kids
  • have a bubble bath together

If you are single this does not exclude you – you might phone friend, have a long bath, curl up with a book, invite a friend over to share takeaway and some wine …

Week 3 – #hug

hugI have a dear friend who loves to give 7 second hugs and they are the best! Not just quick, barley touch you hugs but big, strong, share the love kind of hugs. Gosh they make you feel good.

Today I invite you to have as many 7 seconds #hugs as you can!

You might:

  • hug your child
  • hug your husband
  • hug a friend
  • or all of the above


Week 4 – #datenight

date nightWhen did you last have a date night? I know it has been a little while in our house. Whether you enjoy a meal out, a movie, live music or a romantic picnic … time away from the house and away from children is an important part of nurturing a relationship.

Today I invite you to plan your next #datenight

You might:

  • all your babysitter and book a date in
  • offer to swap babysitting with friends so you both get a night out
  • find a show you want to see and book the tickets
  • choose a restaurant you have really wanted to try


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