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#selfcaresunday February 2016

#selfcaresunday has been created to inspire you to take 5 minutes each Sunday to care for yourself.  You can signup for the weekly emails HERE but I will also publish a month “review” blog post to ensure you can always find this inspiration again.

You can read get the recap on January if you missed it HERE


The #selfcaresunday theme for February was ‘Rest & Restoration”.


Week 1 – #curlupwithabook


I love to #curlupwithabook and just allow my body to unwind as I get lost in a story. In recent years I have not made books a priority in the mayhem of motherhood but in 2016 I have set an intention to read more often … even just for 5 minutes.

I have taken to sneaking upstairs to read for 5 minutes when kids are happy downstairs.
Sure I could fold the washing, clean the toilet or start making dinner … but … a sneaky chapter of my book far more enjoyable.
I invite you to find space to #curlupwithabook

You might:

  • sneak off like I do
  • go to bed early to read instead of watching TV
  • sit in the doorway of the bathroom while kids are in the bath, read a chapter before you start washing them
  • take a book in your bag to the supermarket. Read a chapter in the car before you get out

Whatever feels best for you.


Week 2 – #yoganidra

yoga nidraBroken sleep …

It comes and goes throughout our journey as mothers ….

In recent months my 3 year old has taken to waking most nights and wanting me to cuddle up with her in bed. I can feel the tiredness sinking into my bones.

#yoganidra is a practice that saves my sanity during these times. I describe Yoga Nidra as ‘wakeful sleep’, it is a guided meditation that has the ability to restore your energy in a very short time.

A full practice takes 30-40 minutes and equates to 3-4 hours of sleep for your body (truly!) but I very rarely give myself this long during the day anymore.
I have come across this lovely short #yoganidra practice from Samantha Nolan-Smith. See if you can find 12 minutes today to lie down and listen to this recording.


Week 3 – #sleep

sleepHow many hours sleep to you get most nights?

I imagine the answer is “not enough”! We may not have any control over being woken by kids in the night but most Mums I know do not get to bed early enough to support their self care.

In my house it is because there is always “stuff” to do … perhaps some work, or ironing, or just a TV show I feel like watching.

Tonight invite you to honour your need for more sleep. You might:

  • Head to bed early and read
  • choose a herbal tea to unwind instead of a glass of wine
  • Not have any screen time after 9pm
  • Fall asleep cuddling a child at bedtime and choose not to get up again


Week 4 – #legsupthewall

Legs up the wallMy favourite 5 minute energy booster …

When I am really short on sleep, or have just hit the late afternoon slump my favourite way to regain some energy in just 5 minutes is #legsupthewall

This is a very simple restorative Yoga pose – and you don’t have to know anything about Yoga to do it. Here are some simple instructions you can follow:

Invite you to go and find a wall … right now … and spend 5 minutes with #legsupthewall



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