#selfcaresunday – August 2016

#selfcaresunday has been created to inspire you to take 5 minutes each Sunday to care for yourself.  You can signup for the weekly emails HERE but I will also publish a month “review” blog post to ensure you can always find this inspiration again.

The #selfcaresunday theme for August was ‘Experience New Things’.

Week 1 – #newtaste

new tasteI have eaten some truly interesting things in my travels around the world … snails, guinea pig and purple corn are all memorable. At home it can be easy to eat the same, safe and comfortable foods … especially with kids to feed. Recently I have been experimenting more with food and trying out more new things. I encourage you to try something new this week too.

You might choose to:

  • Try a fruit you have never eaten before. I recently ate a Persimmon for the first time and really enjoyed it.
  • Cook a new recipe
  • Order a dish at your favourite restaurant you don’t normally have

Week 2 – #travelathome

luna parkWhen you travel you are always seeing and experiencing new things. Whether it be ancient ruins, a theme park or a museum. Yet at home it is easy to do and see the same things day in, day out. It can be really fun to have a “travel day” in your own city. It can be refreshing to change your home routines up and this is a fun way to do that.

You might choose to:

  • go to a museum today
  • go inside an old church that you walk past every other day and admire the stain glass windows
  • go to China Town (or similar)
  • head somewhere you normally wouldn’t go unless visitors came to stay with you

Week 3 – #newexperience

new experienceIs there something you have always wanted to try but you just haven’t yet?
This is the week to take some action. Today my husband and I are going to paddle for the first time with our island “Waka Ama” (outrigging) club. We both (pre-kids) raced competitively in Australia so excited to head out and give it a go here on our island.
My Dad is visiting so he will look after the kids.

You might choose to:

  • try pole dancing or burlesque
  • have a type of massage you have never tried before
  • get a Brazillian? maybe not …
  • do something adventurous

Week 3 – #treatyourself

flowersIf you are anything like me you are the last person in the family you spend money on so today I am inviting you to treat yourself to something new.
I recently decided to throw out things in my wardrobe with holes in them (yes, I was still wearing these things!) and replace them with something new.
As a result I have some new winter PJ’s and several nice long sleeve tops. I have a few “hole” items to go but at least I have started …

You might choose to:

  • buy a dress you have been eying off
  • buy a big bunch of flowers
  • treat yourself to something you really don’t ‘need’ but would really love

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