#selfcaresunday April

#selfcaresunday – April 2016

 #selfcaresunday has been created to inspire you to take 5 minutes each Sunday to care for yourself.  You can signup for the weekly emails HERE but I will also publish a month “review” blog post to ensure you can always find this inspiration again.

The #selfcaresunday theme for April was ‘Nourish’.

Week 1 – #hydrate

water bottleIf you are dehydrated your energy levels drop, you are more likely to experience headaches. Did you know plenty of water helps your skin look and feel better?

The general guideline is to aim for 2L of water per day, or about 8 glasses. If this feels like a lot start with a smaller goal … maybe 5 glasses and work up.

Today you might:

  • have a glass of water before your morning coffee
  • Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice
  • Carry a water bottle – in the car, on your desk, on the kitchen bench  (this is mine in the picture)
  • Make a jug of fruit infused water and keep in the fridge. You can find plenty of ideas for yummy combinations online or just experiment

What will you choose today?

Week 2 – #breakfast

#breakfastI bet you have heard the message “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” right? It really is.
If I miss breakfast I get cranky, I end up eating rubbish food the rest of the day and I feel like I haven’t given myself the care I need to.
With three kids to get out the door each morning I am always the last person to eat but I always make sure I eat something.

Here are a few of the ways I ensure I start the day with a healthy breakfast:

  • boil a few eggs on Sunday night. Then if we are really running late I can eat one in the car on the way to school
  • Oats soaked in almond milk with some frozen berries on top my current favourite. Almond milk is sweet so it means I don’t want to add brown sugar!
  • Eat a piece of fruit in the car
  • make a few of these “oat pots” on Sunday night and then eat for a few mornings. The fact they are made means I can eat on the go while preparing kids for school
  • on the weekend I love to whip up a quick omelette

What will you have today?


Week 3 – #treatyourself

creme bruleeNourishing is not just about what you eat and drink … it is also about how it makes you feel.
Today I invite you to treat yourself to something that makes you feel really good when you eat it.

It might be:

  • a super healthy smoothie
  • a huge icecream from the gourmet gelato shop
  • eggs benedict at your local cafe
  • a whole punnet of raspberries

No rules. No judgement on calories or sugar. Just #treatyourself

What will you have today?


Week 4 – #sunshine

sunshineI love the feeling of autumn sun warming my skin. My body soaking up Vitamin D ahead of winter. At this time of year I always have the voice that says “will this be last warm sunny day?”
I have been focussed this week on nourishing my body and soul with sunshine. Not taking it for granted. Allowing it to softly wrap me in it’s warmth.

Today I invite you to find your sunshine … if it is raining find another way to create warmth for your soul.

You might:

  • find a sunny patch in your garden to sit with a cup of tea … alone
  • take a walk on a beach, feel the sand between your toes and the sun on your face
  • visit a courtyard cafe and soak up some sun and some nourishing food
  • curl up in bed with a book and let the sun stream in through the window to warm you

What will you choose today?

Linda {RGB}

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