Returning to pre-kid pursuits

Drumroll ….


I am here to officially report that at some point as a mother it IS actually possible to return to doing things you loved … before kids!


This may come as a shock to some of you, after all it probably feels right now like you will never do anything for yourself again, right? I have often wondered when/if the day would come …

Before we had kids my husband and I raced Outrigger canoes and really loved it. We used to train about 4 times a week and enter races on a frequent basis. Not just around Sydney but all over Australia. The paddling club felt like our extended family in a city where neither of us actually had family.

Then we had children and struggled to find ways to both go back to something we loved. My husband managed to paddle a little after our first child but pretty much stopped paddling after we our second and third child. I tried to return after my first baby but I found the juggle of us both wanting to paddle, with no family support, too difficult.

Moving to Waiheke Island a year ago we were both keen to find a way to return to our paddling … after all it is part of our wedding vows!


wedding vows



A few months ago we decided we were ready and joined the local Waka Ama (Outrigging) club. We are not able to paddle as often as we used to but are very happy to be back on the water. At the moment we alternate who gets to go paddling meaning we each paddle once or twice a week. Every second Sunday morning we have babysitter who comes for 2 hours so we can go out on the water at the same time … just like the ‘good old days’.

It may have taken me 8 years but it feels really good to be back doing something I loved so much before I had kids, even if the shape it takes now is more low key.

As an added bonus, the club started a “Midgets Session” last weekend for 6-10 year old children and my older girls went an had a go. My 6 year old found it a bit hard but my 8 year appears to be hooked! It is very special for me to share this with our children.


Kids paddling Waka



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