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Rest is ALMOST as good as sleep

Motherhood. Sleep.  These things really don’t go together …

‘Sleep when your baby sleeps’ … I was never good at that …

I remember when my first baby was born how I tussled within myself about my sleep deprivation. I struggled to simply be accepting of the relentless calls through the night. Fortunately I found this inner peace with my second and third babies.

What got me through those long months of broken nights was Yoga Nidra and this mantra.



I was amazed at how a focus on being restful at different times of day could carry me through, day after day … month after month.

When I stopped wishing for the sleep and savoured the rest my journey as a new mother became easier.

So now, when I am asked by a new mother what words of wisdom I have I simply tell her that

Rest is ALMOST as good as sleep. It truly is.



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