Remembering miscarriage – 10 years on

10 years ago I had a miscarriage. It was, in fact, the October long weekend … which is why this thought passed through my mind a few days ago. I don’t specifically “remember” this date each year but for some reason this year I did.

It was my first pregnancy and I was 11.5 weeks pregnant. Although 10 years have past and I now have 3 beautiful daughters that moment in time still feels like it was yesterday.

10 years on I still feel like miscarriage is a taboo conversation among women, mothers and mothers to be. After my own I couldn’t believe the number of people who come forward and shared their own stories. I believe deeply that the more “normal” this conversation is the better supported women will feel who experience miscarriage.

I still wonder about who this child might have been and my daughters sometimes talk to me about the baby who died in my tummy.I have shared this with them in an age appropriate way because as girls, who will one day be women and perhaps mothers, I want them to know this is a conversation that can be had with me should they ever be in a similar situation.

2 years ago I was invited by SBS Australia to share my story. I did this in hope that my story, which is like so many others, will help other women.

If you have had a miscarriage I hope it helps you feel not so alone. If you know someone who has had a miscarriage I hope it helps you to have a new kind of conversation with them.

You can listen to my story below.


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