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Motherhood – lean in, lean on, lean …

I get to meet a lot of Mums through my work and of course by being a Mum of three myself! Many of these Mums have very little family support around them and so they feel like everything falls on their shoulders.

Many Mums feel uncomfortable asking other Mums for help … after all they must be feeling just as overloaded and overwhelmed … right? Probably! but that is exactly why we should be asking other Mums for help. You see if we all lean on each other … lean in … lean on … just lean … then we all end up feeling more supported.

I remember a few years ago a close friend needed to go to work for a meeting but had her two young children at home. I suggested she drop them at my place for a few hours and her response was “I can’t do that!  You already have three children”. I laughed and told her not to be silly … three kids, five kids … what’s the difference!

Here are some important points to consider:


If we don’t ask we cannot receive

We don’t have to take the load of motherhood alone to be a “good mother”

It is OK to ask for help. It is also OK to say no if you can’t help in that moment. Trust that is you ask for help from someone they will say ‘no’ if it isn’t OK for them

It all works out – you don’t need to keep score. Trust that.



You might have times in your life you feel you are leaning ON more than you are leaning IN. That is 100% OK … that is just a moment in the big journey. Trust me when I tell you that one day you will have more capacity to support others and when the time comes you will do just that. If we don’t ask for help when we most need it then we all end up suffering.


self care week for mums - join nowPS – if you need a little extra support right now I invite you to sign up for Self Care Week for Mums.

It starts on Monday and is totally FREE to take part in. Best part? getting support directly from me and all the other Mums who join us this round.



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