Melbourne Star: Review

The Melbourne Star is the Southern Hemisphere’s only Giant Observation wheel. I have heard great things about the London Eye so I thought this would be a cool thing to take my 9 year old on while we were in Melbourne.

I was wrong …

This was a seriously boring experience for her, for me and my Melbourne based friend!

So why did we give this experience a big thumbs down?

For us the biggest issue is where the Melbourne Star is located – the views are very uninspiring. You look over roads, industrial areas and docks. You get glimpses of city buildings and the river but that is it.

There is a recording that plays to tell you about what you can see. As an adult that is mildly interesting but totally dull for children. The experience lasts 30 minutes.

On the upside because we were there on a Friday afternoon we got a cabin all to ourselves.

I suspect the experience would be better at night as the industrial outlook would be less obvious and the building and car lights would probably look quite pretty from up high.  Even so I would suggest the ‘night lights’ experience will be most suitable for adults.

If you are heading to Melbourne I would give this a miss.


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