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Meal planning for a family camping trip

We are off camping this Sunday for 5 nights. We haven’t been camping for at least 2 years now … possibly nearly 3 years! We are super excited. We are off to Motutapu Island and will be getting there via a water taxi service from Waiheke Island – much simpler than dealing with ferries.

With 3 children in tow (8, 6 and 4 years) the list of gear we need to pack seems enormous even though we are very good at only taking essentials. I guess that is the reality of 5 people camping. One thing I need to pay close attention to is the food we take. I need to make sure kids have food they like, that we have lots of healthy food and that we don’t carry too much excess over with us. I confess I meal plan much better for a camping trip than I do for a normal week at home!

We will be taking a small camp fridge (runs on gas), a travel BBQ and a single gas burner to boil water on and make coffee in the morning.


At the moment my meal planning looks like this:

Breakfast x 5

Rice bubbles



Lunch x 4

1 loaf wheatmeal

2 min noodles




cans of tuna

Hard boiled eggs ?


Block cheddar cheese

Squeezer yoghurts – freeze

Peanut Butter



Dinner x 5

  1. 2 cooked chicken – hot, breadrolls and veg
  2. Sausages & veg
  3. France pasta (left over chicken)
  4. Sausages & veg
  5. spag bog (take over frozen)



Fruit and veg







Baby Spinach packet

Apples (lots)

Stoned fruit



Snacks – LOTS

Muesli bars – choc chip. Choc oat

Ginger nuts





Water crackers

Smoked Mussels

Canned peaches?

Hiking treats – barley sugars, jelly snakes



Tetra pack juice

Tetra pack milk

3L fresh milk?

Coffee and sugar

Large container of drinking water


Small container of Ribena


Other items



Spray oil

Tomato sauce

2 packets pasta

UHT cream

Parmesan cheese

**** make a few 1L ice bottles … drinking water … help with fridge on way over ***


Do you go camping with kids? What other food/meal ideas can you share with me? I have that nagging feeling like I am forgetting something! Once we are there we can’t get any other supplies …


Linda {RGB}




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  1. We never leave home without the squeezy vegemite (might not be available in NZ!!). I also make good use of the par-boiled rices (eg Uncle Bens Tomato one) – add some chicken or tuna, some dehydrated peas or other greens and call it Chicken Cacciatore . If we are car camping Chicken and Corn soup is an easy one – tinned creamed corn, tinned asian veg, some stock, slice up some frozen chicken and some noodles. Switch the creamed corn for coconut milk and add some mild Laksa paste and call it Laksa :). One pot hyrdating wonders. We also take “Weetbix-On-the-Go” breakfast bars as backup if the weather is not so good for dealing with bowls and milk etc. Hope you’ve had fun. I never quite feel like its been a holiday after a camping trip but it is getting easier each time, although summer camping has the trick of not going to sleep till dark and waking up with the birds 🙂

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