Life Dreaming Tools for 2017

At the start of each year I like to spend some time reflecting on the year that has past, and do some dreaming about the year that will come. I say “dreaming” because for me this is about opening up feelings of potential, creating space for magnificence, and being open to HOW these things will actually occur. After I finish the “dreaming” then I create some actual goals.

Over the years I have used some different tool and resources to provide some structure to this process which I wanted to share with you.



These were the first annual “dream” planners I ever used, it was a few years ago now. I love that these are easy to use, fun and very colourful. They come as a digital product or as a printed book. You can choose products for life and/or business. I don’t use these currently but definitely think they are a great starting point to help you craft your dreams in 2017.

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BLISSED by Marnie Mcdermott

This is what I used last year. I met Marnie in an ecourse creation mastermind group and really love her work. I especially loved how comprehensive the “creating dreams” for the year section was at the front of this journal. It really led me on a path that allowed me to create powerful intentions for 2016.

Every month starts with a quote created by Marnie and written in her own font. They are beautiful and always very inspiring. For example the June quote was “her mantra: have wings, will fly”

To learn more about Marnie and explore her offerings visit her website HERE



Blissed 2016 Journal




This planner is created by Bliss Inventive who designed my logo and brand concept for lindaonthego so I knew it was going to be a super beautiful product.

I was drawn to this planner this year as it offers daily planning pages with space for your to-do list, as well as spaces to note things relating to you bigger dreams. I am a big list writer to help me keep track of all the things in life that need doing and I really like the idea of just having one place to dreams and daily actions.




There are dreaming pages at the beginning and then each month and quarter have dream pages for more specific goal setting. There is not a guided process like Blissed however.

While I am in school holiday mode I am not using this daily but I think as soon as life is back into “routine” with work, school etc I will really get to test out how this planner works for me.

Do you have a favourite Life Dreaming Tool?

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