Waiheke crew at Takapuna Cup

Introducing – The Motu Maidens

Let me introduce you to the amazing Motu Maidens!  (Motu = Island in Maori)  a group of Mums who are very inspiring.

Recently I blogged about returning to a sport I competed in before having kids, Outrigging. Here in New Zealand they call it Waka Ama and my husband and I recently joined the local Waiheke Island Waka Ama Club.  On Sunday I had the honour of steering the Motu Maidens in their first ever race (10km) but what is really inspiring is that 5 weeks ago these women had never paddled a Waka before.


race day Takapuna

Race Day – Takapuna Cup



One of the women, Jo, is married to one of the senior men in the club. She decided to put out a call to other women she knew and see if anyone wanted to try out a Novice Race and asked me to steer the race and help train them. This amazing group of women said “Sure, we are up for the challenge!”


For 4 weeks we have come together twice a week to train. The women have had to learn to paddle, learn to paddle as a crew, learn skills specific to being in a race … in only 4 weeks. I have huge admiration for the way they have juggled life and young children to make this happen. Many of them have husbands paddling in the men’s’ crew so we often had kids on the beach while we trained.


Motu Maidens racing Takapuna Cup

Motu Maidens in action


This really resonates with me because so much of what I do professionally (my coaching and 5 Minutes 4 Mum program) is about helping Mums find ways to put their own needs at the top of the list, even when it means juggling the logistics of kids to achieve this.


On Sunday these women all made themselves and me very proud. They showed great courage, determination and commitment during the race. They raced hard together and battled it out with a number of crews with much more experience. They paddled so well and with such great spirit. They were rewarded with Bronze medals which is an awesome effort.


receiving bronze madals

Motu Maidens receiving their medals – Takapuna Cup


I wanted to write this post as a way of shining a light on these amazing Mums and hope it will inspire you to say “yes” to an opportunity to put your own needs first and try something new.


Linda {RGB}





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