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Introducing – Prue Henschke

I connected with Prue online earlier this year, actually through Instagram to begin with. She runs a site called ‘Mamas-me-time‘ which obviously resonates with me. I decided to learn more about this Mum of two and what inspired her to start her blog.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Prue as much as I have …


1.  Can you tell me a little about you and your family?

I live in Melbourne, Australia with my Husband and two boys – aged 15 months and 3 and a half.


2. What inspired you to create your blog ‘Mamas me-time” ?

I was inspired by my own challenges prioritising me-time as a mum, particularly after having my second child. I wanted to know how other mums did it and to share what I learnt. I’ve discovered, through the blog, that although most mums see the importance of self-care, making it a priority is a common challenge. I hope my journey helps other mums realise they aren’t alone and inspires them to take better care of themselves.


3. What is your favourite thing to do for “me time”?

To spend time at the beach. I have always, almost unconsciously, been drawn to the beach in times of stress. I find spending time there helps me be present and puts my troubles into perspective. I come away, from even brief periods at the beach, feeling rejuvenated.

4. How do you make this actually happen?

I have realised that me-time can take many different forms and if you get hung up on how it “should” look it can become just another source of stress and disappointment. Getting to the beach is actually quite easy with my children – they love it there too. My me-time at the beach, with my children, might not be hours lying undisturbed with a magazine in one hand and fresh coconut in the other, but I’ve come to realise if I were to wait for the perfect conditions I may not get there at all.
I have also learnt that 5-10 minutes of regular me-time or incidental me-time are just as valuable as longer, perhaps less accessible self-care practices, like spa treatments.
My current favourite me-time activities are listening to inspiring podcasts when my boys are asleep in the car, meditating for 5 minutes when I first wake up (when my Husband watches the children) and journalling for 10 minutes once the boys are asleep.
For times when I have longer a period available for me-time nothing beats a massage for me. I love the way a massage can make me truly feel in my body and calm my mind.


5. How do you juggle running your business & being a Mum?

It’s a work in progress! I try to be kind to myself and accept that it is challenging and that’s OK. I am aware that with my children being so little there are limits to what I can do, before I start sacrificing my health and wellbeing, and I am mindful of not overstepping those boundaries. I also try to enlist help wherever possible.


6. What are you most grateful for at this point in your life?

I’m grateful that I’m able be at home with my boys and really get to know them. I’m very conscious of what mums with older children says about this time being so fleeting and I want to enjoy as much of it as I can.


I really appreciate Prue taking the time to answer my questions. If you would like to learn more about Prue pop over and visit her website or her Instagram account where I first found her!

PS – Prue interviewed me for her ‘2 Minute’ blog series … you can read that HERE


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