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Introducing – Laura Trotta

I had the pleasure  of getting know Laura Trotta last year as part of an e-course Mastermind group I was part of.


Born with a green heart, Laura is obsessed with all things eco and has been living and breathing sustainability for over 20 years. Laura is an experienced environmental engineer, holds a Masters of Science degree in Environmental Chemistry and founded the multi-award winning eco-parenting business Sustainababy. As a mother of two young boys, she understands busy and the complexities of running an eco-friendly household in the modern world.

Since moving to Waiheke Island I have become more mindful of our environmental footprint as a family. Our house runs on a rain water tank water (if we run out we have to buy water), have a sewerage tank and with food being a lot more expensive here I am embracing the amazing vegetable garden we have.


Laura runs a fabulous e-course, Home Detox Bootcamp, designed to help every day families create a cleaner, healthier, chemical free (reduced) home. I figure this is right up my alley in our new island life so I have set out to learn a little more about Laura.



1.       Can you tell me a little about you and your family?

I’m a mum to two energetic and cheeky boys, Matthew (6) and Christopher (3) and we all live together with my husband Paul, in a small town in the South Australian Outback. It’s been 11 years since I moved here to join (my then boyfriend) Paul and to work as an environmental engineer at the nearby mine. My life changed forever in 2009 when I became a mum and decided that I couldn’t leave my baby to return to conventional work, so I started my first online eco business, Sustainababy and worked from home around my growing family.

2.       How did you come to create the Home Detox Bootcamp?

Through Sustainababy I helped mothers parent with the environment in mind – generally by selling greener alternatives to conventional baby products. I found that my customers wanted to know the ‘how’ to sustainable living and more and more often I was being asked questions on how I’d switched to greener cleaning products in my home. I asked my customers which eco living topics they wanted to learn about first and home detox topped the list!

The rest is now history….. I launched Home Detox Boot Camp for the first time in mid 2014 and have now helped hundreds of women break up with synthetic chemicals in their homes. Last year I decided to focus solely on my online eco-living education programs and I launched my new eco-living blog and sold Sustainababy to a new owner who will continue to nurture the store.


3.       I know how passionate you are about creating environmental change … if every family could just take one step towards being more eco-minded what would you love that to be?

Gee Linda this is a tough question!
I’d say that rather it be a step I’d love them to take, I’d prefer it to be something that they’re really excited to do because if they don’t want to make the change, they won’t stick with it. So I’d encourage the family to take a look at where they think they can improve right now and set two to three small actions in that area to get some quick wins and momentum happening.
For example….. if the family was generating a heap of food waste (and most families do since it makes up around 40% of an average household’s waste stream)….. I’d encourage them to start planning their meals (and shop and cook to the plan) to help reduce food waste in the first place. And I’d encourage them to install a system that helps to keep the scraps they do produce out of their rubbish bin, be it keeping chickens, composting, starting a worm farm or other options.


4.       How do you juggle running your business and being a Mum?

I let things slip and I turn a blind eye. For example, toys get picked up and put away once, at the end of the day. If I got upset every time I walked past them or let the mess get to me, I’d never get anything done!
In addition to that though I’m organised, have set working times and I clearly plan what I’m going to achieve in those short work times. I also try to be a day or so ahead of deadlines in case the inevitable happens and I’m up all night with kids in my bed or one of the boys gets sick.
But most importantly I eat well (real, healthy, wholefoods) and exercise most days to help maintain my energy levels. If I don’t look after myself everything comes crashing down!


5.       What is your favourite thing to do for “me time”?

I learn hip hop and tap dancing every week in an adults dance class and I’m also learning the piano (and I jam on my trumpet with my teacher on piano after each lesson). I love music and it’s a form of creative escape for me.


6.       Do you actually manage to do this very often??

My dance and music classes are weekly. I also try to exercise 1 hour most days – be it a gym session or yoga class. My exercise time is non-negotiable.




If you would like to learn more about removing chemicals from your home Laura has a great “Cheat Sheet” you can DOWNLOAD for FREE. My favourite is the recipe for dishwashing powder.


Home Detox FREE Cheat Sheet

If you would like to connect with Laura and learn more about eco-living you can visit her website or find her on Facebook.


** SPECIAL: Home Detox Bootcamp has just opened for enrolment and if this is something you are interested in you can save $100 if you enrol before 18th February 2016 **   Learn more HERE



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