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Introducing – Jessica Donovan

I first met Jess from Energetic Mama while I was doing the ‘Ecourse Launch Formula’ – which helped me bring my ideas for 5 Minutes 4 Mum to life. I was struck by Jess’ passion for what she does and passion for helping families raise happy and healthy kids. Jess and her family are currently on a 12 month trip around Australia so I was super keen to interview Jess and see how she is going.


1.    Can you tell me a little about you and your family?

Hi I’m Jess a mama of 2 gorgeous kiddies, a passionate Naturopath and lover of travel. I am currently taking a year off ‘real life’ and travelling around Australia in a Jayco camper with my hubby and kids.

2.  What led you to become a Naturopath?

When I was a teen I was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance P.C.O.S. The only solution the G.P. Offered was the oral contraceptive pill, which I gladly took to clear up my acne (one of the symptoms of P.C.O.S.) I discovered the pill was only a band aid solution when I came off of it a few years later I assumed that I was ‘cured’ but my skin flared up as did some of the other symptoms. This led me to look for something that worked long term and I came across Naturopathy. I had fantastic results personally with naturopathy so went onto study to become a naturopath myself.

3.   You run an online program called Natural Super Kids which helps Mums create a happy, vibrant, toxin-free life for their kids. Can you tell me a little about what inspired you to create this program?

When I went back to work in my naturopathic clinic after becoming a mum, other mums that I was hanging out with at playgroups, kindergym and mothers groups started bringing their kids to come and see me. These kids had conditions such as eczema, feeding issues, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, persistent infections and behavioural challenges and I got really good results with these kids so decided to create an online program where parents could learn everything they needed to help their children thrive.


natural super kids

4.   What do you think the greatest challenge Mums face when they want to make changes to the way their kids eat?

Probably encouraging your kids to eat a healthy and varied diet. It’s one thing to arm ourselves with knowledge and recipes to nourish out kids but another thing entirely to get them to eat it! There are plenty of ways to work on building up healthy eating habits in our kids.
A great place to start is to add nutrition into things they already like to eat. If they love chocolate milkshakes start blending in a few blueberries, add some ground up nuts to their breakfast cereal, add some grated vegetables to their favourite pasta. You may need to start really slowly if your kids are fussy but this is a great way to get them used to slight changes in textures and flavours.
This area is a big focus in my Natural Super Kids program as there are so many tools and tricks to help encourage kids to try new foods and help them develop healthy habits for life.


5.   I know you and your family are actually on a big, amazing road trip around Australia right now … can you tell me a little about this?

We are! We are just over half way through our year long adventure and loving life on the road. We left Adelaide last December in our Jayco camper. We crossed the Nullabour, travelled up the spectacular west coast, through the remote Kimberly along one of the roughest roads in Australia and are now in the top end. It has been incredible (as well as challenging and crazy at times!) We have loved getting back to nature, meeting new people and experiencing life out of our comfort zone!
We are home schooling our 6 and 8 year old as well as working at times along the way so it is a bit of a juggle but well worth it. I feel really blessed to have this opportunity to spend this time together exploring our beautiful country.


energetic mama

6.  How do you juggle running your business, being a Mum, and being on the road?

It’s really tough at times! I completely underestimated the homeschooling side of things and had this idealistic vision that I would be working away on my laptop while the kids quietly got on with their school work! The reality of course is very different. We keep the schooling fairly light but it is still an hour or two commitment most days.
The beauty of having an online business is that you can work on it whenever so I am often up early in the morning or late at night getting things done. My husband is also very supportive and hands on with the kids. I wouldn’t be able to do it without him.


7.  What is your favourite thing to do for “me time”?

Anything where I am moving out in nature. A walk along the beach, some yoga poses, a hike through the forest. These things always fill me up and make me more equipped to deal with the juggling act of being a mum!

8.  How do you make this actually happen?

To be honest it has been a lot harder to make it happen as often as I would like while we are travelling but I generally don’t feel like I need it as much either. I think I am being ‘filled up’ regularly enough by the more relaxed lifestyle we have while we are on the road and being immersed in nature. When I start to feel overwhelmed or anxious I know I need to go for a long walk on my own and it makes the world of difference.

9.  What are you most grateful for at this point in your life?

Oh gosh, so many things. The freedom to choose the way I want to live, the courage we had to make this dream trip a reality, my kids who bring me so much joy everyday, the opportunity to do what I love and help families thrive, the little wonders all around us in the natural world, I could go on and on and on!


I really appreciate Jess taking the time to answer my questions while ‘on the road’. If you would like to learn more about Jess pop over and visit her website. Also, Natural Super Kids is enroling until 30th July and Jess only runs this program once a year.


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