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Introducing – Claire Molloy

I first met Claire around 18 years ago (are we that old???) – I was working at the Sydney Opera House in their marketing department and Claire worked for the Bell Shakespeare Company marketing department. We had an instant connection and we have remained in touch, on an off, over the years … including now in our journey as mothers.

A year ago Claire felt she had totally lost herself. She was getting no ‘me-time’ at all! Then she took part in my FREE program SELF CARE WEEK FOR MUMS and it changed her life!

Here is her story:

2016. We had moved away from Sydney to be able to buy a house with a garden. My son was coming up to five years old but would not start school for another year and I was still at home with him. It seemed everything I did was with and for my son. I had lost my identity. I was no longer Claire, I was Eirik’s mum. I could go a couple of days without speaking to another adult except my husband. The only me time I had was late at night after everyone had gone to bed. But you can’t do much at that time. I went for a job interview and they asked me what my hobbies were – I didn’t have any anymore – except reading Facebook.

I knew I needed to make a change but I just didn’t know where to start. I had been getting emails from Linda for a while and occasionally got to read them. What I read sounded good. I put a couple of things into practice – it felt good, even if it was only five minutes of having a cup of tea in the garden whilst he jumped on the trampoline, it made the rest of the afternoon easier. I wanted something that was just mine though.

I am a roller skater from my childhood, there is something about being on eight wheels – it’s my freedom. I’d read about exercise classes on skates and they were only 30 minutes away from home. I didn’t have the confidence to go, I felt guilty about wanting to do something without my boy or husband.

That’s when I did Linda’s Self Care Week for Mums. The following week I found out they do the skate classes just down the road and on a Thursday night. I was off – sent the boys out for dinner with our neighbours and I went to skate. A whole hour for me. It was great – except that I crashed out spectacularly and landed on my face! I had done it, I had taken the first step in regaining me. I went back the next week, then the next, this time with brand new purple suede skates.

Claire Molloy roller skate

I got to meet new people, I got exercise, and I got to be me for one hour a week. It changed me, just that one hour a week where I put myself first made it easier to parent through the hard times. I had something to look forward to.

A year later and I skate at least two hours a week as I now do a dance class, street skates and am learning how to skate on ramps at skateboarding parks. I am fitter than I have been in years and I have made some great new friends. Plus my son thinks I’m cool as I skate and do tricks on 6ft half-pipes without falling over too much!

I really appreciate Claire taking the time to share her story – I hope you are as inspired by it as I am! If you would like to start taking steps to reclaiming some me time you can join the next round of SELF CARE WEEK FOR MUMS starting August 21st … it is totally FREE …



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