Injured – for an entire year now!

My wedding anniversary is on Friday, which is of course a wonderful occasion. However, this also made me realise I have now been injured for an entire year, non-stop, and that is really disheartening.

In March last year my back seized up. By seized up I mean I could not get out of bed by myself, dress myself or go to the toilet by myself. We had only lived on Waiheke Island for a few months so I did not have a good physio, Osteo or anyone else sorted out and so it took my quite a while before I found people to help me get better that I was happy with.  I wrote this blog about some lessons I learned during the first couple of weeks.

By May I was allowed to run again in a reduced way but the imbalances in my recovering body caused me to injure a tendon in my ankle. The short version of a long story is … my back is great but this ankle tendon is still a problem. I have recently had a blood injection into to try and activate the healing process again.

I cannot run at all, hike, jump etc. I am allowed to swim, but as we don’t have a public pool on the island I am reliant on weather conditions to be able to swim at the beach.  I have sporadically attended a group fitness session, the sporadic attendance is due to my husbands travel for work. However, after my injection I have had to put a stop to this for a few weeks too.


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I have gained 6kg over the past 12 months, lost all of the fitness I had worked hard to regain and feel incredibly frustrated by my inability to be active.

I am just getting old? Is this what happens to your body over 40?  How is it possible for someone who was fit and active to not be able to recover from injury for a whole year??

And so the journey goes. I am trying to maintain and kind and gentle approach to my well-being and trust that at some stage I will be well again. Then I need to dig deep and start the journey again to regain my strength and fitness, and yes … I would like to lose the extra weight along with that.

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