My 2016 goals

How would you like 2016 to be?

So here we are a few days into the New Year. Not only is it the new year but I have already had a birthday which always makes this a time of extra reflection on life.

As I am a Life Coach you might expect this post to be all how to set amazing goals for the year to come or how to make resolutions that will last more than the coming week … but it isn’t. Personally I prefer a much softer start to my year.

The new year is a wonderful time to reflect and re-energise but personally I prefer to create a vision or intention for the year to come that will in turn inspire the goals I set as my year unfolds. My vision becomes my measuring stick during the year and I love how unexpected some of the ways I fulfill my vision are.

Having just moved to Waiheke Island to fulfill a long term dream this year feels like a year to really connect to my inner desires in life. To really explore how I truly want my life to be.

This year a I bought myself a beautiful journal, Blissed 2016, which I hope will really support me in creating a fabulous year for myself. Created by Marnie McDermott, who I met last year as part of an ecourse mastermind program, I am already in love with it.




What do I want my 2016 to be about?

  • Calm: taking time to breathe, slowing down, less juggle, letting go, meditation
  • Sparkle: reconnecting to things that make my soul sparkle, more laughter, dancing with my family in the kitchen on Friday night’s
  • Exploration: I have a beautiful island (and an entire country) to explore! I want to create a sense of frequent mini adventures to explore our new home
  • Dreams: Our move is the start of making a dream come true. Now we are here we need to ensure we reconnect to how we want those dreams to show up every day, every week from now on. Now is the perfect time to keep dreaming new beautiful things to create.
  • Family: love, support, connect, laughter, more time
  • Water: I am so excited to live somewhere surrounded by water! Water is so good for my soul. I plan to swim often, walk on the beach, sit on cliffs and just look over the water. I hope I can make a physical connection to the water every day this year … even just for 5 minutes.




I drew this card as part of an oracle card ‘experience’ at a business workshop late last year. I had to laugh because I already knew I was heading for my island.




What about you … what intentions would you like to set for 2016?


Linda {RGB}

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  1. I think my intention is to have a real adventure… to travel beyond the bounds of our typical holidays. I haven’t done a goals list yet but will do one this year for business and for me/family too. But when school goes back and my brain starts to work properly again!

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