Hiking Overland Track
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Hiking the Overland Track – Tasmania

A year ago I (roughly) I was hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania, one of Australia’s iconic bushwalks. Facebook kindly reminded me if this last week with a “memory” prompt.
This trip was amazing for me for many reasons, mostly because it is the first (and only) time I have been away from my entire family ( 3 young kids and husband) for more than a couple of nights and all other trips have been work conferences.

I was away for just over a week. Just me, myself and I … on a grand adventure.

The trip was a gift from my Dad for my 40th birthday. He knows how much I love hiking  and although I am great at practicing my self care in little bite sized pieces at home, I never would have booked myself in for a week away solo.

This trip stirred all sorts of strong emotions for me:
•    Guilt –  that I was doing this great hike without my husband, after all our wedding vows include references to travel and climbing mountains together til death do us part
•    A sense of selfishness – who was I to just leave my family for a week to do something purely for me
•    Liberation – the idea of being in the beautiful wilderness with no technology to connect me to home was liberating
•    Apprehension – I had strained my calf tendon 2 weeks earlier on a long hike with my husband for our wedding anniversary. The physio had approved me to go on the Overland Trail but had warned me how painful the trip would be. I was really worried about whether I would actually be able to complete it.
•    Excitement – I was off on an adventure and I love adventures!


The trip was amazing. The photos below speak louder than any words I could write. I did struggle with my injury, several days I arrived at camp and burst into tears having hobbled for hours with a heavy pack along a muddy track.
The scenery was stunning.

If you are an experienced hiker you could definitely do this hike independently. However, if you are a solo traveler on not confident with overnight hikes then I can highly recommend Tasmania Expeditions.


How did I go being away from my kids for the week? I missed them, but honestly I really enjoyed being able to be “me” for a week without being a Mum or wife.


I hope you enjoy these images as much as I have enjoyed reconnecting with them.



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