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Group Coaching

Group coaching is both a time and cost effective way to focus on your own needs. You not only learn and grow from your own coaching segment but from listening to and contributing to the coaching segments of other mums in the group.

There is a maximum of 4 mums in any group.

I feel connected to support and not alone!

12 months ago I felt alone and lost and overwhelmed. Thanks to group coaching I feel connected to support and not alone.  Someone listens to me. I feel valued. I value myself and my time more.
Mum of 1, Australia
  • We meet together via Zoom every 2 weeks during the school term.
  • The session always begins with a short meditation from me
  • Then each woman is given a 10 minute one-on-one coaching session with me. We can work on anything that feels important to her at that time – but all other women listen in to our coaching.
  • At the end of the 10 minutes other women have a chance too share, reflect, comment and offer support too.
  • In between sessions you can connect with myself and he other women in an online chat group (either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger)
  • You receive 1 on 1 coaching from me.
  • You learn a lot from listening to other women being coached- you would be surprised at how many of our challenges actually stem from similar places
  • It is a very economical form of coaching
  • You feel deeply supported by a close group of women

If you would like to learn more about group coaching or explore if there are any new groups starting that you can join (or spaces in an existing group) please contact me. To learn about 1 on 1 coaching click here.