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Finding ‘me-time’ when my husband is overseas

My husband is in the UK at the moment for a work trip. He is away for 2.5 weeks and we are about half way through right now.

The kids and I get into a different groove when he is away on work trips. Somethings are actually easier when it is just me at home but many things are harder, or just take longer, or simply exhaust me more!

Ensuring I still get ‘me-time’ while he is away is really important as it helps me keep my cool with the kids. Barking at the kids is always the first sign that I need some time-out in life so when my husband is away on a long trip I try extra hard to stay on top of this to ensure I maintain my zen.

How do I find me-time when he is away?

Trade work time for exercise time – I can’t go to Yoga or my Monday morning group fitness class while he is away it is important I find other times to get exercise. Exercise it always the most effective way for me to manage stress so this is a priority. During this time I make sure on at least two of my work days I trade in an hour of time …. exercise for work. I can always make up the work time at night after the kids have gone to bed.

Read at night – instead of staying up watching TV I try and head to bed with a book. I don’t often read at night when my husband is home so this always feels like a nice treat.

Get a babysitter – recently we found a new babysitter and have booked her to come every second Sunday morning for 2 hours so that my husband and I can paddle Waka Ama (Outriggers) together. Although it feels a little indulgent I have made sure I have kept her booking in place while my husband is overseas. That way I can still get out for a couple of paddles during this time.

Say ‘yes’ to help – if someone offers to have one of my kids over for a play – say yes. If my back door neighbour pops over unexpectedly and offers to watch the kids for 15 minutes so I can take a walk … say yes. If anyone offers anything … say yes.

Focus on 5 Minutes – my online program, 5 Minutes 4 Mum, focuses on the idea that 5 minutes of self care every day will serve a Mum better than an hour just on a weekend. This is always a great time for me to focus more on that idea in my own day to day life.


6 sleeps to go …


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  1. Thanks Linda – my husband travels quite a bit and I often dread it but, as I face a lot of solo parenting between now and Christmas, this reminds me that there are upsides and it need not mean a total absence of me time!

    1. I am glad to hear this has sparked some fresh ideas for finding me-time during those solo parenting stints. It really does make a difference to how those times “feel”! I have at least one more before Christmas too so will send you lots of happy, smooth sailing kind of vibes x

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