End of year Wobbles

The end of the year can be an emotional time for many people. We reflect on what we have achieved, or not achieved.  We may feel more, or less connected to loved ones as Christmas approaches. And of course it is usually a very busy time filled with extra activities, especially when you have children at school.

I confess I have had a few end of year wobbles this past week.


My husband has been away nearly 2 weeks for work leaving me to juggle the very busy last 2 weeks of school. I have found myself feeling homesick for the first time in a long time.

  • I have been missing the friends in Sydney who used to come to my house at eat take-away and talk and laugh whenever I had a long stint flying solo.
  • I have been missing my Dad. When we lived in Sydney he would visit us every Wednesday for a “Grandpa Day”. The kids really miss this time with him and so do I.
  • I miss my closest friend who lived nearby. The kind of friend I could just drop in on unannounced for a quick cuppa, a hug and a chat.
  • I miss the weather … funny huh. Summer is struggling to arrive here on the island while I see my friends in Sydney talking on Facebook about how HOT it is there at the moment. I crave some days where I can where a dress and go for a swim.


However the past couple of weeks have also provided an opportunity to realise how well we have settled this year, what a lovely community we are part of and what beautiful friendships and support we have gained.

  • I have needed to turn to other Mums for support in getting my children to/from events when there has been a conflicting event for a sibling … I can’t be in 2 places at once!
  • I have been able to offer support to others and I love how easily help is offered and accepted here.
  • My backdoor neighbours (who are similar age to my parents) have been of wonderful support. Coming to the community Carols event with us and just popping over for 15 minutes so I could pop to the shops without having to drag three overtired kids with me.
  • Today I am off to an “end of school year” lunch with a lovely group of Mums I am becoming friends with. They are a lot of fun and I feel very grateful that they have invited me to join them. It is a work day today for me and I still have a huge list of unfinished work. In Sydney I would have put the work first and said no to lunch but this year I have made a conscious effort to put connections and pleasure first as often as possible.


It has been a pretty super year, our first here on Waiheke Island. The kids received school reports yesterday and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Not just their academic achievements but how wonderfully they have handled the transition too. I think next year is going to be pretty awesome for all of us.


I won’t be blogging again until early January. Time to enjoy the festive season and relax.   I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Linda {RGB}


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  1. I so relate to this! My husband returns this morning from 2 weeks in the UK for work (insert sigh of relief) and it’s a year since we returned to Sydney after 7 years in London. I have 2 lists like you – things I really miss about London and things I love in Sydney 🙂 have a blessed Christmas.

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