Cauliflower recipes

Delicious Cauliflower Recipes

I have an abundant supply of cauliflower in my garden right now – yum! My kids won’t eat it though and my husband is overseas so I have been exploring new ways of cooking and using it so I can freeze some meals.


Here are some really delicious cauliflower recipes:

ROASTED CORIANDER CAULIFLOWER – This was the recipe that inspired my husband to plant cauliflowers in our vegetable patch because he loves it so much!  I love how simple it is to prepare and cook, and I love eating leftovers with my lunch the next day.


CAULIFLOWER RICE – this is super yum either as a replacement for rice or just a different way of getting another vegetable onto your plate. Did I mention – EASY!

Basically chop your cauliflower into florets, pulse them in the food processor until the resemble rice or cous cous. Heat a little oil or butter in a pan, fry the cauliflower until it is as cooked as you like it. I prefer it with some salt in it when cooking … just a little though.

I have frozen little ziplock bags filled with raw ‘rice’ to use in coming months when cauliflower goes out of season.


freezing raw cauliflower rice



SLOW COOKER BROCCOLI CAULIFLOWER CHEESE SOUP – anything I can make in the slow cooker immediately gets bonus points as I don’t have to manage a pot on the stove or worry about forgetting it!

This soup is really YUM with a nice spicy kick. Simply because of what I had available my version had some minor changes. Instead of ‘hot sauce’ I cut up a small hunk of fresh chili, I used a mix of tasty cheese and Parmesan because I didn’t have enough tasty in the fridge, and I switched the ratio of cauliflower and broccoli over because I have more cauliflower than broccoli on offer.


CREAMY SWEET POTATO & CAULIFLOWER SOUP – this has a lovely sweet, creamy taste thanks to the sweet potato. It definitely needs the toppings to give it depth of flavour. Bacon and chives works really well but you can be as creative as you want here. I used fresh rocket and Parmesan in the serving below.


Cauliflower and Sweet Potato soup

Do you have a favourite cauliflower recipe? Feel free to share a link in the comments below.


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