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De-cluttering my online world

With my move to NZ just 10 days away I have started to de-clutter my online world. After de-cluttering our home before we sold it feels great to now de-clutter my online world.


Step 1: Clean up what comes to my inbox.

I am unsubscribing to all the emails I usually just delete without reading. There are a lot! I do a few every day and figure by the time I go I will get a lot less “crap” in my inbox.

Step 2: Clean up my Facebook newsfeed

There are lots of pages I “like” for professional reasons but don’t really want to see in my newsfeed all the time. I am going to change my settings to stop these showing in my news feed but still be able to check-in with them when I want to.


Step 3: “Un-friend” some Facebook friends

I have never done this before but as I make the move to New Zealand this feels like a good thing to do. When I started on Facebook, many moons ago, I don’t think business pages existed. Perhaps they did but the landscape was very different. So I have a lot of “friends” on Facebook who are connected to the start of my career as a Life Coach 10 years ago.

Now that I have children I ask myself, “do I really want ALL the people who are ‘friends’ to see these posts”? And the answer is NO.

In recent years I have formed much clearer Facebook boundaries. If a professional connection asks to be “friends” I decline but invite them to “like” my business page to keep in touch.


If you took one step this week to de-clutter your online world what would it be?


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