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Decluttering kids bedrooms – starting with clothes

I am not the tidiest person in the world, I don’t mind piles of papers on the end of my kitchen bench or the dishes sitting in my sink for the day … although these things drive my husband crazy!  There is, however, a level of clutter that does drive me crazy and recently my kids bedrooms have been totally out of control.

Clothes shoved in draws, dress ups spread far and wide, craft boxes spilling over and just stuff EVERYWHERE. My three daughters all like to keep ‘treasures’ – these treasures can be anything from recycling to build things with later, sea glass collected at the beach, a drawing from school, or bits of Blue Tack. After a while these treasures seem to take over every available space.

With one week til school holidays, and a change of season upon us, I decided it was time to start a major room declutter. I figured sorting their clothes would be the most fun for them so started there. Next week it will be all the toys, books, trinkets etc …

With three daughters we always have a flow on of hand me downs. When the eldest (Miss 9) grows out of things they get put into a box because it is usually a couple of years before they fit her sister (Miss 6). However when Miss 6 grows out of things they go straight to her little sister (Miss 5) as there is not much difference in their size.

Our clothes declutter had several layers to it:

  • what doesn’t fit anymore
  • what is too stained or ripped to keep anymore
  • what they don’t like so actually never wear


The kids did a really great job doing this declutter with me – it probably took 30-45 minutes per child.  I was happy to let go of anything they said they didn’t like … even if I loved it. I had to push them to let go of a few favourite items that just didn’t fit anymore. The younger girls love the fact that they have ended up with so many “new” things to wear.


Here is what we ended up with:

The box of clothes to be put back up in the roof ready for the next change of season declutter – all the things that don’t fit Miss 9 now but are too big for Miss 6.

clothes box



A pile of clothes going into our garbage bin – too dirty or damaged for anyone else to wear.

declutter - throw out clothes

A pile of clothes still in good condition that we will donate to charity. These are either things that no longer fit my youngest or that nobody likes and so never get worn.



A small pile of clothes that are either new or almost new that I will try to sell. These are either things that no longer fit my youngest or that nobody likes and so never get worn.

declutter clothes to sell



And this is the pile of “new” clothes going into the wardrobe of Miss 6 that came out of the box. They all need a wash before she wears them but she is pretty excited by some of the things in there … especially a denim jacket!

new clothes declutte




I didn’t have the energy to tackle the shoe box and see what fits each kid and what we might need to buy in the lead up to summer … another day!


Do you need to have a declutter of your kids rooms?  Do you love or loathe doing it?







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