Life Coach. Mother. Matrescence Expert.


I was a coach for many years before I became a mother.

I had wanted to be a mother for as long as I could remember, right back into my childhood. However, I was totally unprepared to experience the huge shift in identity and inner turmoil that came with motherhood.

Over time I came to realise that I was not the only mother who was experiencing these things. I saw that our society invested so much energy into preparing a woman how to create a baby, grow a baby, birth a baby, feed a baby, sleep a baby etc but nobody was preparing a woman for how motherhood would impact her … as a woman.

A decade ago I chose to start using my coaching expertise, combined with my personal experiences, to exclusively support and guide other mothers to navigate their personal motherhood journey. I could see that mothers desperately needed a space to be held for them where they could say anything, feel anything, express anything about how THEY felt within this new role of motherhood.

I feel honoured to be able to provide coaching & support to mums all over the world. To find out how coaching could support you simply contact me.

If you are struggling, worried you are failing, feeling frustrated or lost, I promise you are not alone.
I am here for you …

I was feeling overwhelmed … had hit rock bottom.

Before I reached out to Linda I was feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, work life and had hit rock bottom.

Linda’s calming, accepting, and non-judgemental manner made me instantly feel comfortable to work alongside her in my journey of self development.

I have been working with Linda for the past year and each time brings a new awareness and ‘aha moments’.
I have learnt to approach situations in a more considered and open minded approach.
In adult life I’ve finally learnt to ask for help!

I feel after working with Linda I can tackle challenges with more ease, the things that felt big before now feel small.

I am grateful to have met Linda and for her wealth of knowledge and the support she has given me.
She’s genuine, down to earth, and a beautiful soul.
I appreciate and am completely grateful for all she has done for me and my family.
Mum of 1, New Zealand

Coaching sessions take place over phone or Zoom.  Which means it doesn’t matter where you live. I have clients all over the world, as near as the next suburb and as far away as Europe.

I offer flexible, Mum-friendly, coaching packages designed to work in easily with the juggle of life and motherhood.

Coaching sessions are 45 minutes each and are scheduled at whatever frequency suits you best.

Let’s chat …

The only way to know if I’m the right coach for you is to connect with each other on a call.

When you book a (free) introductory call I am looking to answer three questions:,

  • Can coaching provide what you’re looking for? (Depending on your circumstances, goals and expectations, coaching may or may not be the right tool).
  • Am I right for you? (Until you’ve had a chance to ask me questions and get a feel for ‘the vibe’ you won’t know).
  • Are you right for me? (Coaching is a relationship that works both ways. Don’t worry though, if I know I’m not the right coach for you, I’ll gladly refer you to some other coaches that might fit).

If you are ready to feel differently about your motherhood journey book a free 30 min call to see how we might work together.

I am here for you. You don’t have to take this journey alone.

You won’t until you give it a go so I offer a 100% No Risk Guarantee.
If after 30 days of being a client you are not happy with the experience, simply tell me and I will return every dollar you have invested. That’s right. I will give you a 100%, money-back, satisfactions guarantee. No questions, no hard feelings, and no worries – It can’t get much easier than that!

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