Back to school baking

I confess I really don’t enjoy baking and I really don’t enjoy making lunchboxes every day during school term. But I do like to try and put as much unpacked stuff in the lunchboxes as I am able to.

This means anything I bake has be easy!


Here are the three things I have made to kick off term 3 for my daughters.

Humming Bird Bliss Balls – my 5 year old is the only child who eats these but she will have one every single day in her lunchbox. I freeze them and then just pop one into her lunchbox each day. This recipe makes enough to last the whole term.




Nut free muesli bar – this has been off the lunch menu for a while but my 7 year old has requested it again, as long as I put some choc chips in it!


lunchbox idea - nut free muesli bar



‘Double choc, zucchini & carrot’ Muffins – for the first time EVER I have made a batch of muffins that ALL three girls like – hooray! I simply freeze them and pop one in their lunchbox whenever needed.  I think I will be baking a few more batches this term.




Do you have a ‘go to’ recipe for lunchbox baking? Please share in comments below as I could use some new inspiration!



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