Life Coach. Mother. Matrescence Expert.


Hello! I’m Linda – it’s lovely to see you here.

I am mother to three daughters and have been a coach for over 17 years now.

I had wanted to be a mother for as long as I could remember, right back into my childhood. However, I was totally unprepared to experience the huge shift in identity and inner turmoil that came with motherhood.

I was not expecting to lose my sense of self. This was probably my greatest personal struggle as mother.

Over time I came to realise that I was not the only mother who was experiencing these things. I saw that our society invested so much energy into preparing a woman how to create a baby, grow a baby, birth a baby, feed a baby, sleep a baby etc but nobody was preparing her for how motherhood would impact her … as a woman.

A decade ago I chose to start using my coaching expertise, combined with my personal experiences, to exclusively support and guide other mothers to navigate their personal motherhood journey.

I could see that mothers desperately needed a space to be held for them where they could say anything, feel anything, express anything about how THEY felt within this new role of motherhood.

I am committed to creating safe and supportive spaces for women to explore how being a mother has impacted them as a woman. I am here to hold space for YOU.

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5 Things About Me …

  1. I love ocean swimming
  2. I am an Australian who lives on Waiheke Island (NZ)
  3. I am a passionate traveller (with and without kids)
  4. I am a Mama Rising Facilitator
  5. I have always wanted to learn how to play the cello
Linda Anderson. Ocean Swimmer

Linda is so supportive!

Linda’s coaching style is supportive, encouraging and her ability to perceive and focus me on the real issue is amazing!
Mum of 1, Australia

Rediscovered my pre-mummy passions!

With my last child soon to start school in 18months, I began to wonder what this next chapter would look like for me as a dedicated stay-at-home-mum. Linda help me rediscover my pre-mummy passions and dreams, and helped me create a 2-3 year plan for this next phase. I now have better clarity and confidence for my own personal growth
Jo Beck