5 things I will do for myself in 2019

The other day I was trying to explain to my husband what the mental load in my life is like, and why sometimes it becomes overwhelming. I was explaining that not only do I need to keep track of all my own ‘stuff’ I am keeping track of all the little things that 4 other people in the house are doing. There are SO MANY pieces of the puzzle to keep track of for everybody else, sometimes it feels like there is no room left in my brain for me …



Which day is swimming?

Who is on ferry pick up this afternoon?

Is it this Thursday or next Thursday my husband has his 6am work teleconference … get ready for school quietly please girls…

When is that note due back at school?

What is for dinner tonight?

Where is your home reader?



So I have decided to make a commitment to myself this year to do 5 very specific things that 100% just for me, just because they make me feel good.


Keep Ocean Swimming

I have had a wonderful 12 months ocean swimming.  I swim with a lovely group of women here on Waiheke Island whose friendships I value greatly.  I won a prize in a newspaper competition to travel to Fiji to take part in #oceanswimfiji which was amazing. In Fiji I swam in a 3km race for the very first time ever which has given me the confidence to enter other long swim events – I have since completed a 3.6km and 3.2km race in very rough conditions.

In 2019 I commit to continuing to swim the ocean each week, even through the middle of winter!


Learn to Play the Ukulele

I was inspired by a friend of mine back in Sydney, who has been having violin lessons secretly … just because she wanted to learn something new just for herself. Last year I bought my eldest daughter a Ukulele, but she only stuck with her lessons for a term. So I have decided to have a go at learning myself … just for the fun of it!  I have my first lesson booked next week ….

See at least 5 (grown up) movies

I love going to the movies! I am lucky if I see more than one grown up movie each year though – I see a bunch of kids movies though.  In 2019 I want that to be different. I want to see at least 5 movies this year – even if I have to go during the day when I should be working – there have to be some perks to working for myself right?


Read every week

I love to read but it is one of the first things that slips out of my routine when life gets hectic … which happens pretty quickly with 3 kids. Reading every day seems a little unrealistic but if I read for at least 30 minutes each week I would be doing better than in 2018. I have been doing very well with this so far …




Walk on the beach

I have had a bad ankle injury for quite a few months so walking on the beach has been banned for a while. As of this week I am allowed to start again, slowly … so I definitely want this on my intentions list. I find a walk on the beach helps to clear my mind, energise me, and helps me feel more grounded.



me time beach





I wonder … what things would you like to do this year … just for yourself?


PS – if your mental load is a bit overwhelming at the moment you might find this ebook super helpful … packed with practical tips on how I keep my mental load under control …


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  1. Thank you, Linda. I loved reading the 5 things you will be doing for yourself this year. It is inspiring to know that amongst the juggling there is me-time if we set our intentions and stop delegating ourselves to the bottom of our to-do lists. I’m now going to ponder what my 5 things might be.

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