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5 Books that have Guided me as a Mother

A friend of mine recently had her first baby. As I watch her enter the steep learning curve of motherhood it has given me a chance to reflect on how much I have learned and grown over the past 10 years.

Reading books has been a very important part of how I learn new things. I like having an external, impartial, unemotional resource to help me think of things in new light and to teach me things I do not know.


Here are 5 books that have really made a difference to my journey as a mother:


The Post Baby Conversation  by Alison Osborne

My wonderful GP loaned me a copy of this book a few months after the birth of my first baby. I don’t have enough words to describe how much it helped the relationship between my husband and I. At the end of each chapter there are questions listed to help guide conversation between you and your partner. This allowed us to share and talk without loaded emotions fueling us.



Buddhism for Mothers by Sarah Napthali

This is the first book in a whole series. I have read most of them during the different stages of my own journey – I am actually reading Buddhism for Mothers with Schoolchildren now! You don’t need to know anything about Buddhism to gain great insights from Sarah Napthali’s writing. She shares her experiences, wisdom and the knowledge of others in a way that is accessible to everyone.  These books always increase my sense of calm within whatever motherhood chaos I am experiencing. Love them!



The Whole Brain Child by Daniel J Siegel, MD

I am actually reading this at the moment to help me navigate new ways to respond to the epic meltdowns my “little firecracker”, Miss 5, has. I am only halfway through the book but already I have new strategies to use that are really helping me. I wish I had this book years ago as it would have helped me with all my girls.



Mindfulness for Mothers by Rebecca Ryan 

This is one of the most practical and easy to follow books on mindfulness & meditation I have ever read. Each page gives you simple instructions and pictures to follow. Mindfulness practices can be as short as 10 seconds long! I love Rebecca’s work so much I actually hosted a webinar with her …




Annabel Karmel books

10 years ago there was only one or two books by Annabel Karmel and the one I had was my bible when it came to making food for my baby. I loved that the food was really tasty. I even remember one meal was so good I would make a huge batch at the adults would eat it (before it was pureed)! Now she has a huge range of books to choose from but I am sure they are all as wonderful as my much loved book from all those years ago.



Do you have a book that has really helped you in your journey? I would love to know!








PS – this post contains affiliate links. Should you purchase any of these books I may receive a small payment from Booktopia


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