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3 simple ways to stay connected to your goals & intentions

I recently shared the set of intentions I have created to support me in 2016. I then received a message from a Mum, Cathy,  saying:  I have only just found the time to sit down and explore my intentions for this year … Now I need to figure out how to remember and use them when needed. Any suggestions on that?”


This is an excellent question and I have 3 simple strategies to share that I use to stay connected to my own intentions.


1. Create a visual reminder

My intentions are a series of words that help connect me to how I want feel, how I want to show up in the world and what I want to create in my life. Each word has a deeper and more complex meaning for me and simply by seeing the word I am reminded of it’s bigger purpose. I find it really helpful to create visual reminders that I will see without thought or effort as a way of frequently reminded of my intentions.


My 2016 goals


Some ideas on how some of my clients take action on this are:

  • Create an A4 printable and stick on your fridge, pinboard or similar
  • Make the words, or a single word your screen save on your phone and/or computer
  • Write them on a post-it note and stick this on your bathroom mirror so you see it every time you are there.
  • Other great places for a post-it note are inside your diary, on the car sun visor or any other place you see frequently without having to think about it


2. Create a regular reflection time

Creating regular time and space to reflect on my intentions and what I am experiencing in my life really supports me in staying connected. If I neglect this I am much more likely to stray off the path and end up cranky and frustrated in life.

Blissed 2016 JournalReflection time can take many shapes for me, and the word “regular” can mean anything from daily to monthly depending on life at the time.

Reflection time for me can be:

  • morning 5 minute meditation
  • arriving at school early and just taking 5 minutes to let my mind be still and reflective
  • journalling – this is something I want to do more of this year.
  • This year I bought a journal called “BLISSED” which I hope gives me a more structured reflective space



3. Notice when you feel internal conflict or tension

This is super important for me. When I notice I am feeling agitated a lot, snapping more, a bit flat or any other feeling that has a sense of tension or conflict for me I know I need to reflect on what I am doing day to day and whether it is in alignment to my intentions.

It is a pretty safe bet that if I am feeling these things I have lost connection with my intentions and am not taking actions that are aligned with them.

When I notice this it is the perfect time to stop, reflect and ask myself questions like:

  • How can I create more  (insert your own intention word here) today?
  • What do I need to let go of to create space for (insert your own intention word here)?
  • What support do I need to take action around (insert your own intention word here)?
  • What small step can I take now to move closer to (insert your own intention word here)?


How do you stay connected to your goals and intentions? or is this something you have struggled with?


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  1. I have definitely struggled with sticking to my goals. The hardest part for me is deciding on what my priorities are, I keep trying to make the same decision about it over and over. This year I decided to pick some and just commit to them and try to stop thinking about whether they really were a priority or not. My own version of blind ambition. (; I also wrote about it on my blog in the hope that putting it out there will make me more accountable.

    1. Trying a new idea out is great Summer. I would make sure you build in regular reflection time and if you get a few months into the year and find the new focus isn’t working either you can always make a new choice. That is the great thing about choices, they can changed if needed 🙂 Public accountability very powerful, I am sure your community will value you sharing your experiences x

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