Welcome – I’m Linda

Mother of 3. Life Coach. Matrescence expert.

If you are struggling with the changes motherhood has brought you, as a woman, I am here for you.

You are not alone.

We prepare women for the birth of a baby, but what about the birth of a mother?

As a woman prepares to have a baby she has an abundance of information surrounding her about her baby – how to make a baby, grow a baby, birth a baby, feed a baby and so on …
In our modern world we have neglected to support and prepare a woman for the significant changes she will experience within herself when the mother is born.

She embarks on this huge life transition (called matrescence) without any support or preparation.

I had wanted to be a mother for as long as I could remember, right back into my childhood. However I was totally unprepared for the challenges that motherhood would present to me as a person.

This is why I have dedicated my professional skills to exclusively provide coaching and support for mums.

Support is available

More than Motherhood
A private Facebook group focused on supporting you, as a woman, not just as a mother.
A link to coaching services for mums
You were never meant to do this alone. Coaching and support for mums is available.
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Free meditations, workbooks and resources for mums
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I’d lost my way …

I was snapping at my kids and husband constantly. I was struggling with who I now was with two kids. My worth and sense of achievement was lacking.

I knew straight away who I needed to talk to. Linda helped me to work through the mummy guilt and come out the other side with a sense of acceptance for my life and the others around me.

I feel happy now with where I am in life.

Mum of 2, Australia

Happier. Prioritising Self Care.

Taking the time to nurture myself has made me a happier, more content person and a kinder mum.
I am being kinder to myself, I am more aware of my emotions and how to manage them.
I am more focused on self-care and allowing myself to prioritise self-care.

Mum of 1, New Zealand

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